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Advanced video stabilizer with high quality S-Video support

Bypass Macrovision Macrovision Remover Remove Macrovision


Copy & Capture Protected VHS, DVD, Satelite, & Digital Cable


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Grex lets you copy & capture any Protected VHS, DVD, Satelite, or Digital Cable to DVD, VHS, & PC

General Description

I have a DVD Recorder and I get the message, that it can not copy because of the copyright on the DVD I am trying to record from. Recording stops and I get the error message ... "
"I want to backup my Disney VHS tapes to DVD before I loose them. I've got a DVD Recorder but can not copy because of the protection set on my VHS. I get `Copyright Protected` message on the screen ..."

Looks familiar to You? If so you've got to the right place to fix it forever.
Most of the DVD disks and Commercial VHS has different copy protection systems on it. This protections are detected by DVD Recorders and Video Capture cards to prevent duplication. Our DVD Red PRO will remove protection and will make you free to copy any content to your DVD, VHS or PC. DVD Red PRO is very simple user friendly and cute device.

We hope you will use DVD Red PRO with respects to the copyright law and will make only legal copies. We do not encourage the illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted content. You, our customers, are responsible to make DVD Red PRO assistant and not an accomplice in crime. Remember, illegally copying movies, software or data not only infringes on the rights of the producers but also actively discourages them from publishing. The result being that consumers have to wait longer for movies releases and the availability of software.

New technologies not only make our life more comfortable and saturated but they also bring us a number of irritating limitations that in worst case can even take over advantages of the same technology. Modern digital and analog video recording against Macrovision Copyright Protection Technology is exactly the case. Just take a look at the list of the common problems that the people like you came across our site with.
# We have a large Video Tapes collection that contains kid's videos, mostly Disney animations and movies and a big number of Commercial Video Tapes. To preserve our tapes by putting them on DVD Disks we've bought DVD Recorder ( DVD/VCR Combo Recorder ). But unfortunately DVD Recorder does not let us to transfer our own Video Tapes to DVD. It just keeps saying "Can not copy copyright protected video to DVD"



All types of Protection are fully removed. We guaranty no brightness or color changes
DVD Red PRO removes all know protection types. ACP - "Analog Copy Protection" (sometimes referred as Macrovision Levels 1,2,3) which includes Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Color stripe. CGMS-A (CGMS/A) - "Copy Generation Management System for Analog Video" (DVD player adds CGMS data to its analog video output stream, the DVD recorder recognizes and responds to the CGMS bit settings by preventing recording)

DVD Red PRO does not touch the original video signal. It only removes protection constituents

Professional Video treatment
DVD Red PRO has professional video circuit inside. It is build with high quality video processing, switching and amplifying IC's. It has impedance matching blocks on its input and output. All this will let You provide high quality brilliant clear video source to your recording device.

Protection removing is fully digital. DVD Red PRO core is micro CPU doing all the job

DVD Red PRO automatically detects PAL and NTSC signal
DVD Red PRO can automatically detect PAL and NTSC video standard and reconfigure itself to remove Macrovision from DVD and VHS with PAL or NTSC video information. It lets DVD Red PRO to work with DVD from any zone ( Zone 1 - USA, Zone 2 - Europe, Zone 3 - China, Zone 4 - Australia, Zone 5 - Russia, and Multi zone )

You can use DVD Red PRO to copy protected VHS tapes and DVD to VHS ( not only to DVD )

You can use DVD Red PRO to capture protected VHS tapes and DVD to PC Video Capture Card

For European Models of DVD Players DVD Recorders and VCR you can use SCART adapter
To connect DVD Red PRO to Video Equipment providing SCART Input/Output you can use our SCART adapter for DVD Red PRO

Very easy to connect and use
Connecting up DVD Red PRO is very simple. You need to connect power supply, Video input and Video Output. The Video input is located near to the power supply connector; the Video output is at opposite side. Do not worry about mixing input and output. This will not damage your Video equipment or DVD Red Pro itself.

Smart Red Indicator
DVD Red PRO has smart red indicator. It helps you check connection and get information about incoming video signal


Connection Diagram

If your equipment supports Component Video you can use DVD Red PRO connected to Component Video "Y" signal. This way DVD Red PRO will remove protection from Component Video The Power Supply and Audio connection should be the same as on the picture above.

Power Supply Adapter Specification

Input Voltage

110-120V or 220-240V

Output Voltage


Output Current

50mA (or more)


Plus Inside (+)

Plug Type

Barrel 5.2x2.1mm




This device stabilizes the video input by:

Removing flashing

Brightening, Darkening, and Blackout

Color-Shifting, Jitter, Shake, Picture Tearing and Twisting

Line Effects and Some Other Signal Related Symptoms

Which are all effects of the Macrovision Protection System



Macrovision Protection is on all DVDs, VHS tapes and Pay-Per-View movie channels and events.

It is a global protection system used to stop piracy but it affects honest consumers as well.

It prevents from making backup copies of movies consumers already own.

It prevents people from recording a Pay-Per-View event for later viewing.


Click Here Compatibility List


If you recorder, video capture card or any other equipment is not specifyed in our compatibility list, it does not mean that DVD Red PRO will not work for you. To eliminate your doubts you can contact our support department by email. We update our lists all the time and would be happy to provide you with information about new DVD Recorders and other recording devices working with DVD Red PRO.




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